About Us

The Christians known as, "Brethren."

Although we see our origin firmly established in Acts 2, we also identify with a movement begun in the early 1800's by Christians who yearned for a return to New Testament simplicity and accuracy.  Christians from various churches had become dissatisfied with the formalism, clericalism, and the spiritual deadness that characterized the churches of that day.  They began meeting together for communion, prayer, and sound Bible teaching.

These believers rallied around several Biblical Distinctives:
  • The Priesthood of Every Believer;
  • The Plurality of Leadership;
  • The Weekly Remembrance of the Lord's Death (Communion);
  • The Autonomy of the Local Assembly.

Other than these distinctives, the theology and practice of the brethren fit well within mainstream protestant evangelicalism. Two of the most significant contributions of the Plymouth Brethren to evangelicalism are leadership by a plurality of elders and a dispensational, premillennial view of biblical prophecy. Throughout our history, the brethren have been known for evangelism, foreign missions, and personal knowledge of the Bible.

As a local assembly, we seek to follow New Testament Church principles by teaching the apostles' doctrine, encouraging Christian fellowship, regularly celebrating the Lord's supper, and praying together (Acts 2:42).  Our top priorities are to worship the Lord together as a body, encourage one another in the faith, care for one another in practical ways, and to share the good news about Jesus Christ with those around us.